JavaScript / TypeScript SDK
JavaScript / TypeScript SDK

JavaScript / TypeScript SDK

📘 Our SDK is currently in Alpha, different versions may include breaking changes.

To get started with our server-side SDK, simply install it using your preferred package manager.



npm i @leap-ai/sdk


yarn add @leap-ai/sdk

After installing the package, you can initialize it on a server-side route by initializing a new instance of Leap, for example:

import { Leap } from "@leap-ai/sdk"

const leap = new Leap("YOUR_API_KEY");

Optionally, we can also set the leap instance to default to a public model by using the setPublicModel method - this way you won't have to provide it on each generation request;

// Set the current model to Stable Diffusion 1.5

Generating Your First Image

Once initialized, you can begin calling Leap methods on your API endpoints. For example, to generate an image you can simply use:

//...Inside your API handler

// Generate Image
const result = await leap.generate.generateImage({
    prompt: "A cat",

if (result) {
  // Print the first image's uri