In this billing page you can view your current usage for this month, choose to upgrade your plan and see important information about how we do billing.



To understand usage we first need to understand how our Credits system works. We have two ways of accruing credits:

  1. Running a workflow always consumes 1 credit per run.
  2. Using Leap Services (e.g. SDXL) in your workflows consume 1.5 credits for each second of GPU execution. Using external providers in your workflows does not consume any additional credits.

After each of these happen, the progress bar in this page will update whenever you visit this page again.


Note: Credits reset at the start of each billing period, they do not rollover.


Currently we support three tiers of plans, Free, Pro or Enterprise.


The pro plan has a dropdown where you can select a higher tier of it, which will give you more usage depending on your needs, starting at 5,000 credits per month and going as high as 50,000 credits per month. If you need anything higher than that you must contact us to get an Enterprise plan.

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