The history page is the place where you can dig deeper into previous workflow runs ran inside your organization. They are split into two, Published and Draft runs. Published runs are only for runs that were run from a published workflow and draft for draft runs.

All Workflow Runs

Here you will find a table with all of your workflow runs split by published and draft runs. Anything that is run from Testing in the Editor is considered a draft run. Everything that is run from the dashboard after Publishing, will be considered a published run.


Single Workflow Run

When you click on one of the runs you are taken to this single run view. Here you can see in full detail the information about that run including:

  • Status, Failed, Running or Completed
  • Version ID
  • Workflow ID
  • When the run was created / started and ended at
  • Data going into the workflow before executing
  • Data going out as the result of the run

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