Import or Export

Import or Export


Importing and Exporting your workflows can come in handy when you want to share or import a workflow from someone else. These actions can be done from the Editor, under the Settings tab.



Did you know that our templates use this import feature under the hood? When you click on use a template, it will automatically import it to a new workflow in your organization. This feature is meant to enable you to easily clone someone else’s workflow, for easy share-ability.

This will allow you to replace the current workflow your are on with the imported one! Be careful where you do this!

When you click Import, it will prompt you to select a file, in this case it’s expecting an exported workflow file, which should be in JSON format. Don’t worry, we do some validation to make sure that the workflow you’re importing is valid.


This is the counter part to importing, this allows you to export your current workflow, including your start, action and end steps with all of their information while also keeping any configuration and variables you used within them.

After clicking export, your browser should download an export of the workflow in the format of a JSON file. You can use this file to import your workflow later on a different organization, or share it with someone else!

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