Editor Overview

Editor Overview


The workflow editor is what makes the magic happen. In this no-code visual editor you can configure your workflow to do whatever you want it to do. Here you can configure the information that is required to run the workflow, configure the actions than run in a sequence and then define the output and how it should be displayed.

Starting from an empty workflow

If you created a workflow without a template, the first thing you will see is a workflow with the start, end, and placeholder steps. The placeholder step is the first action that runs on your workflow! Right now it’s empty, so you have to click on it to make it do something useful.


Starting from a template

If you created a workflow from a template, you will already see pre-configured steps along with your start and end steps. Yes, this might look like a lot, but I promise it’s not that hard to understand!

Each one of these steps will contain information about that specific service you selected, so for example the OpenAI step will contain information on what you want it to do for you.



For information on editing your steps, checkout: Editing


For information on testing, checkout: Testing.


For information on Publishing your workflow, checkout: Publishing


For information on settings, checkout: Settings.

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