Pricing & Credits

Pricing & Credits

How Billing & Credits Work

How does pricing work on Leap Workflows?

  • For transparency to our customers, our pricing is credit-based on GPU execution seconds.
  • This means the number of credits each workflow run consumes varies depending on how GPU intensive each action in your workflow is.

What is a credit?

  • By default, running any workflow consumes 1 credit per run.
  • Each Leap Service action in your workflow consumes 1.5 credits per second of GPU execution time.
  • Using external providers in your workflows does not consume any credits.

Common Examples

  • Generating 4 images with Stable Diffusion XL takes ~60 seconds and costs ~35 credits per run.
  • image
  • Training a custom model and generating 4 batches of 8 images from it takes ~14 minutes and costs ~1900 credits.
  • image

Cost Savings Over Time

  • As the price for GPUs goes down and models get better & more efficient, we'll be able to pass on those savings to you.

Upgrading Your Subscription

  • Select a new plan from the Billing page
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